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Ahee Legacy | Join the Family

Join the Family – The Ahee Family

The Ahee Family has been helping customers celebrate special moments for over 72 years. Our founder, Edmund T. Ahee, built Ahee Jewelers out of a passion for making people happy by offering exceptional quality at the best possible cost and going above and beyond to exceed customer service expectations.

Exceeding expectations is still at the height of our mission at Ahee Jewelers. We look forward to welcoming customers into our showroom each and every day and treat everyone who comes through our doors like family. We love helping customers navigate through their different options and seeing their faces light up when they find that very special piece.

Gerald Keyes, Ahee Watchmaker

Gerald Keyes CW21, age 40, is an accomplished watchmaker who has been at Ahee since 2005. He is married to his High School sweetheart and they are raising two beautiful girls. Gerald graduated from the legendary LIDITZ WATCH TECHNICOM. He apprenticed with Rolex and has made numerous trips overseas for special certification with Patek Philippe and Cartier. He enjoys hunting, running, and ‘spending time with his crazy family.

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Peter Ahee, President

Pete Ahee started working with his Father in 1974 and is President of the company. Peter is married to Lisa and has three children and seven grandchildren. His son, Alex works alongside him to oversee the timepiece collections, diamonds and jewelry- he and his son travel to Switzerland annually to select the ultimate timepieces to bring to the business. Peter states ‘ I enjoyed working with my late father who taught me so much that you can’t learn in books’. He enjoys biking and starts each of his mornings riding nearly 30 miles.

Pamela Ahee Thomas

Pamela Ahee Thomas, Vice President, started working with her Father in 1968. Pam has been married to Chuck for 40 years and proudly has 3 sons, 4 grandchildren and a daughter-in-law. She states a quote she lives by ‘Don’t wait for the perfect moment...take the moment and make it perfect’. Another quote from Mother Teresa ‘ every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to the person, a beautiful thing”. Pam has been the head of designing for decades. She has won numerous National and International awards- most notably she won first place for her brooch design in the International Platinum Guild design competition. Pam enjoys traveling, cooking, gardening and anything creative.

John Ahee

John Ahee, 55, Vice President is married to Connie and has 2 teenage children, Zack and Anna. He started working after school and during the summer when he was 7 years old and sat across from his Father for most of his adult career. John graduated from Albion College in 1986 and studied GIA courses in Diamonds, pearl grading, colored stones, appraising and jewelry insurance replacement. He likes spending all of his time with his family and traveling with them. He is anxious to come to work daily to be with his family, extended family and the amazing clients who become friends and ultimately part of the Ahee family.

Chris Ahee

Chris Ahee, 59, is Vice President and has worked with his family since his early childhood. Chris has been married to his wife, Julie for 35 years. His son, Chris and Daughter Lauren are both married with young children. He is a Graduate Gemologist and runs the entire custom design production and repair shop consulting of numerous Master Jewelers and Designers. He is intimately involved in the jewelry designs and has received National recognition for his designs. He enjoys playing hockey and spending his time with his family.

Gina Ahee

Gina Ahee, Vice President, is married to Lowell and has a son, 4 daughters and a grandson. Gina started work in 1988. Gina is a gemologist and an expert in diamonds and fine jewelry. Gina is passionate about offering the perfect experience for every single person who enters the store. Gina grew up in Sterling Heights and Troy and has been in Grosse Pointe since 2005 and loves the community. She has a passion for ‘making someone feel happy and making a difference in their day’. Gina competed in Dancing with the Stars for Full Circle and her favorite phrases are ‘It’s all Good’ and ‘Smile’.

Bryan Kupets

Bryan Kupets, 38, Vice President, is married to Jenna and has 10 year old twin boys and a 6 year old daughter. Bryan started at Ahee in 1999. Bryan is a diamond, fine jewelry and timepiece specialist. A favorite saying of his is ‘you can’t be a quitter if you never give up’ and he lives that every day at work.... a true ‘whatever it takes’ attitude and is the go-to person to solve everything. Bryan oversees the custom jewelry and repairs, grades diamonds and gemstones, coordinates the workshop excellence and so much more. Bryan enjoys coaching his son’s baseball games, fishing and attending his daughter’s dance competitions.

Andre Ahee

Andre Ahee, Vice President, is a diamond and fine jewelry specialist who also oversees the Shinola timepiece collection and much more. He has an identical twin brother, Stefan, who also works at the store. He always has excellent jewelry suggestions for clients. He loves to travel, especially to Greece.

Stefan Ahee

Stefan Ahee works at Ahee with his identical twin brother Andre. Stefan is a diamond, fine jewelry and timepiece specialist. He is a definite ‘go to ‘ for excellent jewelry styling advice. Stefan is Vice President. His Instagram feed is about 90% jewelry. He has a passion for jewelry both old designers and new. Stefan loves to travel and enjoys trying new restaurants.

Alexander Ahee

Alexander Ahee, 30, Vice President, and wife Nicole are raising their beautiful daughters, Alessandra and Viviana. Alex and his father, Peter, oversee the fine timepieces and go together to Switzerland annually to find the perfect options in timepieces for the clients. Alex is Vice President and also specializes in diamonds and fine jewelry. Alex was a 4-year Collegiate athlete. His hobbies include basketball and home improvements. He likes the saying ‘value the time - it is the substance that life is made of’

Lisa Stavale

Lisa Stavale, 56, has been with Ahee since 1984. She is married to Paul Stavale. Her son, Anthony has worked at Ahee with her since 2008. Lisa is a GIA graduate gemologist who studied in residence in Santa Monica, CA and oversees all of the appraisings including identifying all types of gemstones, pearls, and brands. She is known for her excellent style and giving great advice to clients. She has a true passion to come to work. She loves to cook, golf and entertain.

Renee Navetta

Renee Navetta, is married to Sam and has three children. Renee came to Ahee in 1987. Renee is a fine jewelry specialist and a GIA Graduate Gemologist and oversees all of the diamonds, pearls and colored stones both for stock and custom orders. Renee enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

Katrina McCarron

Katrina McCarron came to Ahees in 2016. She is married to Ryan and has a dog Daisy. She is an outdoor enthusiast and an animal lover. She is a Graduate Gemologist with great experience in fine jewelry, diamonds and gemstones. Her favorite moments are when she ‘sees the face of a client when they receive a custom creation from the Ahee Workshop’.

Haley Carge

Haley Carge, and her husband Michael and son Wesley are originally from Columbus, Ohio and she is a graduate of The Ohio State University. Haley manages the entire front of the store and showroom. Haley exclaims ‘in a world where you can be anything, be kind’. Haley is an active member in Side by Side and enjoys personal fitness and adventures with her one year old baby, music and dance.

Anthony Stavale

Anthony Stavale, age 27, started working at Ahee in 2008 at the age of 16. His mother, Lisa Stavale had already been working at the jewelry store for 24 years. Anthony, a diligent worker, works in multiple important areas including timepieces, jewelry photography, customer assistance and beautification of the showroom. He believes that ‘everything happens for a reason’. He has a Boston Terrier ‘Gino’ and his passion is cycling ‘thousands and thousands of miles’.