Casato jewelry is designed for the most charismatic of women. It is a mark of bold femininity, and is the perfect balance between modernity and elegance.

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"Jewels are made to make every woman even more beautiful"

It's a creative impulse, born form the passion for beauty, art and the female grace, that, in 2004, made the Casato project come to life. A path started and carried on thanks to the creative genius, the managerial abilities and the fine esthetic taste of Federico Gauttieri.

The seductive grace, the feminine charm, the woman as a universal icon of style. These are the constant points of reference for the refined and unmistakable Casato design. A perpetual search for harmony in style and shapes, with the aim of creating real works of art. A vision of the glamorous woman, fashionable and sensual, with a strong personality, who knows how to distinguish a jewel created to be unique. To be wonderfully hers. The luxury in the use of materials, from diamonds and precious stones to gold, modeled in a creative process that is very close to art and to sculpture.

"Our work is an ode to celebrate beauty: our jewels are created to make a woman feel eve"

- Federico Gauttieri

Gabriel Union

Joanne Froggatt

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