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Battery Replacement and Quick Service

Between our knowledgeable and well trained staff, along with an on-site certified watchmaker, we can provide a number of quick service options for you and your timepiece.

Battery replacement services that are offered can range from a straight forward operation completed in house while the customer waits, to a more comprehensive Quartz Quick service that includes movement diagnostics and water resistance testing.

At the time of the quartz quick service, the watch case and bracelet are thoroughly cleaned in Industrial grade ultrasonic tanks, removing unwanted dirt and debris. This is an important, but often overlooked aspect of service that can greatly extend the life of your watches exterior components.

While your timepiece is here during the course of its service , any worn components discovered by our watchmaker that could negatively affect the watches movement or integrity of the case itself, would be then be estimated for further repair.

In the instance that the necessary replacement components are not directly available to us for repair, the timepiece may be sent to the corresponding service center.

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