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Mechanical Movement Services

When functioning issues start to arise with your timepiece, it may be a sign that your watch needs some attention. It can be as simple as a timing adjustment or as involved as a complete disassembly of the watch movement. The idea of a complete service can somewhat intimidating and confusing, so let us take some of that apprehension away. When the watch first arrives it will be inspected by our in-house certified watchmaker and you will be provided with an estimate in a timely manner. This estimate will include a detailed summary of the condition of every aspect of the watch that requires attention. It will also list the necessary parts that will be needed to complete the repair. At this point the cost of the repair that is quoted to you will not change as the repair proceeds.

Once the repair is approved, the watch is disassembled completely and case and bracelet are sent into the backroom for cleaning and refinishing (if applicable). Quartz service will sometimes consist of replacement of the movement, whereas high end quartz and mechanical movements are serviced. Your movement is cleaned, inspected and then a parts list is compiled of all the components that are worn and will be replaced. It then goes through a final cleaning process and is reassembled and lubricated to factory specifications. After assembly the movement proceeds into the timing phase. All calibers will be adjusted to meet the factory timing standards set by the manufacturer and in some cases it will be adjusted further to meet our standards. Quartz movements are diagnostically tested at this point. The dial and hands are installed and the movement then is placed in the freshly refinished and water tested watch case that now holds new gaskets throughout. Winding and timing testing is next, and quite thorough for automatic mechanical movements. Once the watch passes all of the quality control parameters, it will then be on its way back to the customer, having being treated with the care and attention to detail that both the timepiece and the customer deserve.

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Mechanical Movement Services

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