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Straps and Bracelet Sizing

Strap replacement is a common occurrence during the lifespan of a timepiece. Considering all of the external factors such as UV light, dirt, oils, and moisture, the material tends to break down and deteriorate. When it is time for replacement, we can assist in several ways depending on the brand of watch and what particular look and material is desired. We stock a variety of straps that can be installed while the customer waits, or install a customer’s strap that they choose to bring in themselves. If there is something specific that the customer is looking for that is not in stock, we can also attempt to order and install the strap upon its arrival.

Sizing a bracelet is often necessary when a new watch is purchased to properly fit the customers’ wrist. Bracelet links are either removed or added depending on individual fit. Our workshops are equipped with brand-specific tooling that allows the sizing of the bracelet to be executed efficiently and safely, without damaging the timepiece. Most bracelets can be sized conveniently while the customer waits.

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Straps and Bracelet Sizing

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